Habitat People: Jody from Nice Martin


This month we caught up with Jody Feldhofer of Nice Martin on moving her business to Habitat Byron Bay, a new collection launch and an upcoming charity luncheon with Sarah Glover.

Thanks for your time with us Jody. You've just moved to Byron - how long have you been working in the area?

We’ve just been here the last 8 months since making the move personally from Sydney after having a baby. My business partner and I decided to relocate the business too, and what a great move it has been! I’m loving it.

Sounds like it was the ideal time on both personal and business fronts. When exactly did you establish Nice Martin? 

In August 2015 after only knowing my business partner for a few weeks. We launched our very first collection [just four months later] on December 18.

So soon! What was the attraction of Habitat for Nice Martin? 

The people, the vibe, it’s a really positive and fun environment and of course it’s a fab precinct. It also felt really similar to our first office we had in Sydney which we loved. 

How do you and your team support the community ethos of Habitat?

We hire people from the community and treat them like family. We encourage the mums to bring their kids to work if they need to, and make sure we spend time outside of the shop with each of them so we get to know them on another level.

What type of person would be interested in your collection? 

Women of all ages, and men too if they are feeling fancy.

Are you able to share some upcoming plans for Nice Martin?

Plans are to grow bigger and better and to expand overseas but to also become a more sustainable business with as little wastage as possible.  We have just dropped our winter collection which is the second collection of the new year and the ‘New Nice Martin’ direction.


What do you love about the work you do? 

Ummm…absolutely everything! My business partner Jess, our team, the location, the travel, the fact that I get to bring my son to work everyday. You can’t beat it.

Nice Martin is holding a charity luncheon to support Breast Cancer on Sunday 23 June 2019. Book your tickets here.

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