Habitat People: Samara, Shackpalace Rituals


We are surrounded by creative minds here at Habitat and love the opportunity to delve into conversation with our neighbours. This month we talk to Samara Macchia of the beautfiul Shackpalace Rituals, on her move to the village and her love of creating slow, mindful rituals for the everyday.

How long have you been working in the area, Samara?

I’ve been in Byron for almost 3 years, and have been working in the industrial estate for a couple of years now. We established Shackpalace Rituals here in November 2017.  

What was the attraction of Habitat to move Shackpalace Rituals here? 

We loved the idea of being a part of a community of wonderful likeminded businesses, and the space was the perfect size for us to expand into. 


Sounds like the perfect fit! How do you and your team support the community ethos of Habitat?

We love the live, work, play concept as it very much aligns with our Shackpalace philosophy of rethinking the way we live, so that we can live better. We love that this concept attracts a wonderful community of like minded people who live and work at Habitat, making it a very special place to be.  

Who might be interested in your products and visiting your unique space here?  

Anyone who resonates with our philosophy of slow, mindful living, and creating rituals in our homes and our daily lives. Also, anyone who has an appreciation for beautiful, ethically handmade products and high quality, natural ingredients. 

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What are the plans and upcoming projects for Shackpalace?

We have lots of exciting ideas brewing… stay tuned for more events and recipes and we are hoping to launch a series of podcasts and videos shortly too. We are also continually collaborating with talented artisans and designers to bring beautiful new products to our customers. 

What do you love about the work you do?

So many things! I am continually inspired by the talented artisans that we work with, and I love meeting and connecting with all of our wonderful customers both locally in the store and via Instagram and emails from our online store. I feel very grateful to have met so many wonderful, talented people through Shackpalace. 

I also love that Shackpalace encourages me to continually self experiment with my own rituals and the products and ingredients I use, so that I am more mindful in my everyday practice. I have grown so much through having this business! 

Shackpalace Rituals is open Monday to Saturday, 10am-5pm.

Follow @shackpalacerituals on Instagram or Facebook or regularly check out www.shackpalacerituals.com for new products and www.shackpalace.com for everything else!