Habitat People: Nicole from Annukka


Annukka is all about a healthy and holistic lifestyle - which makes it a perfect fit for our Habitat community. The Byron-born, eco-friendly label, which uses certified organic cotton to make their everyday classics, was listed as one of the 11 Best Organic Brands in Australia by Marie Claire earlier this year. In this interview, Annuka’s founder & owner, Nicole shares her experience on starting and running the ethical and sustainable business.

Nicole, how long have you been living and working in the area? 

We live in town and have been here for 16 years.

When did you establish Annukka? 

I first started Annukka about 6 years ago out of our spare room, back when my children were small. I started with zero budget. I designed & made a really small collection, took it to a market and it sold out within hours. I spent that money on more fabric, sold it, and so it went and grew from there.

It certainly did! What helped you decide to move your business to Habitat?

We love the vibe out here at Habitat. it has a great community of likeminded, supportive creatives. It’s a fantastic destination for locals and tourists to come and chill, have a nice meal or coffee, shop and relax - without the busyness of town. Of course, the eco-concept is very strong for our brand, so it felt like a perfect fit. We are loving it here!


“Habitat has a great community of likeminded, supportivE creatives. It’s a fantastic destination for locals and tourists to comE AND chill, have a nice meal or coffee, shop AND relax - without the busyness of town.”


How do you and your team support the community ethos of Habitat?

It is such a great, friendly supportive community. At one of my first meetings with the community, it was said ’As you grow, I grow and we all succeed together with the support of each other’. I loved it, so positive! 

How lovely - like one big family. What type of customers would be interested in Annukka’s range?

We have a really broad range of customers, from people who really resonate with our ethical values & organic slow fashion mantra. Then there are people who just love stripes! We are a basics label, simplistic, timeless.

Love it! Can you share any upcoming plans or projects for your label?

We have just released our gorgeous new Winter Collection and also some exciting new projects and fabrics are about to be launched - you can view it all on our website.


What do you love about the work you do? 

I love that I have flexibility in my day to day work/family life.  I love that women contact me to tell me they feel empowered, confident, comfortable by wearing Annukka pieces. I love that I am making my little bit of difference in the slow fashion industry and that people are becoming more aware of the ethical issues surrounding the fashion industry, that we really can make a difference.

Annukka is located in C4 Building at Habitat and open Monday to Friday, 9.30am-4pm and Saturdays 9am-3pm. For the latest news and collections, follow Annukka on Facebook or Instagram @annukkabyronbay.