Habitat People: Danielle, Tigmi Trading

Danielle McEwan at the Tigmi Trading studio. Photo -  Bridget Wood  Photography

Danielle McEwan at the Tigmi Trading studio. Photo - Bridget Wood Photography


As Creative Director (and owner and founder) of Tigmi Trading, Danielle McEwan can be hard to catch! But we’re so thankful she could have a chat with HABITAT ahead of the launch of her latest collection (sign up here to be the first in the know!)

Thanks so much Danielle for sharing your time today.  Tigmi Trading has certainly become one of Byron Bay’s most well-known brands. When did you establish your business? 

The idea and beginnings of a business began in 2014 and then grew organically until September 2015 when we officially launched the website.  

Incredible. Do you have a long-lasting connection to Byron Bay?

I have been coming to the area for over 30 years and more regularly when I met my current partner over 16 years ago. I finally made the move permanently (to Nashua) over 8 years ago and haven’t looked back! 

And why would you! You opened your beautiful Tigmi Trading studio at HABITAT last summer. What was the attraction of the precinct to open your showroom? 

I wanted to create a beautiful studio space that could showcase all our larger items as our existing space at Newrybar Merchants was getting a little full. I loved the concept around Habitat and the ability to have an office and showroom within a burgeoning creative community. The space also has a beautiful light and green outlook which makes it a beautiful place to come to work everyday.

So do you feel you and your team support the community Live/Work/Play ethos of HABITAT?

We are very involved in the Habitat Community – we eat at Barrio and in summer love using the facilities such as the pool. We have also developed great friendships with the other retailers and businesses within the area. It’s definitely a supportive community of likeminded businesses. 

The Tigmi Trading studio showroom at HABITAT. Photo - Alicia Taylor Photography

The Tigmi Trading studio showroom at HABITAT. Photo - Alicia Taylor Photography

Amazing. Let’s focus on your brand Tigmi - what type of person would be interested in your product? 

We have such a diverse range of clients but the underlying commonality is they have a deep interest and appreciation of design and the creative process.

Can you share any upcoming plans with us?

We have so many exciting things on the boil – we are working on our first rug range, a furniture range and lighting collab and lots more! It’s going to be a busy end to the year!

Where can clients find out more info?

We keep our clients updated on our news, new collections and events via our newsletters We share our creative inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram too.

What do you love about the work you do? 

I love unearthing beautiful pieces and sharing the stories of the makers with our customers. I also love constantly evolving the business and being able to use it as a conduit to make my creative dreams come to life! 

Very inspiring! What does a work day look like for you? 

After dropping the kids to school – I grab a bare blends smoothie and head into the office. Check emails and touch base with the team about what’s going on that day. I’ll often have meetings or finance conversations to have. Then it’s sourcing pieces for clients, working on new designs or product ideas, coming up with concepts for photoshoots and generally supporting my amazing team who keep all the cogs rolling every day!

Sounds incredibly busy, but I’m sure is very rewarding! How do you balance this in your personal time? Do you have a ‘go to’ place in Byron Bay?  

Coral at Muscle and bones is the most amazing therapist! She can iron out any kink. I literally recommend her to everyone. 

Tigmi Trading studio showroom at HABITAT is open Monday to Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-3pm. Shop in store or online at tigmitrading.com

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