Habitat tenants, industrial designers Katapult Designs, recently worked with local entrepreneur David Trewern to develop a product that combines the best of his interests – watersports, kite foiling and drone technology - into a completely new way to enjoy the water.

A ground-breaking project for this local Byron company, the Fliteboard is an "eFoil" - an electrically powered hydrofoil surfboard, that allows the rider to ‘fly’ above the water smoothly and silently. It’s self-propelled, exhilarating and emission free.

When discussing the design elements, Katapult director Nathan Pollock said, "Katapult’s role was to refine the design of the board, the mechanical propulsion components, the hand controller, the carry bags and the general user-experience to bring Fliteboard to a level that is ready for the public."

"We have developed detailed 3D CAD models of the entire assembly, prototyped and refined the components and been involved in product testing, supplier sourcing and project management," said Pollock.

Fliteboard has successfully pre-launched to the public and is currently taking orders with a plan to roll out the first production units in November 2018. They are working hard with global partners to develop a strong distribution and customer support network, including a series of regional "Flite Schools" that offer introductory experience and training on the boards so new riders have the best possible experience. 

To find out more on the innovative product design visit Katapult's website, or to reserve your very own Fliteboard click here.