Image credit: The Handsome Collective

Image credit: The Handsome Collective

Let’s try this again!

Remember when local markets used to be filled with real curiosities? Back before they were all jammed with the same clothing brands? The idea of spending a morning wondering around one is still tempting, but the reality can be a little underwhelming nowadays.   

Well, what if there was a market that’d been carefully curated, so each of the stallholders had the perfect mix of cars, motor bikes, surf, skate and musical gold on offer, plus all the registration money raised was going to a great cause?

That’s exactly what the Department of Simple Things has planned for their upcoming Thrash ‘n’ Treasure market at Habitat in Byron on Sunday, September 30.

Sunday, 21 October
Habitat carpark

With coffee by Barrio, baked goods from Scratch Patisserie, and live tunes – plus all the odd and wonderful objects for sale – there’ll be something for everyone, most of all the Disabled Surfers Association, who’ll receive over $500 from the day. 

If you’re interested in grabbing a stall, there are a handful of spots left, email for details.  

For more info contact: Rick Bannister, Mr Simple marketing (and market) coordinator / 0431 100 869